Domain Names Sales Review – May 17, 2019

Steals Of The Week – Best Domain Name Buys 100 USD 2019-05-11 GoDaddy

  • Looking for a killer brand on a tiny budget? They are still out there. This week we find this two word inner city fitness brand that is super brandable and applies to many types of companies in the health and fitness industry. At $100, it is a steal!

Reals of the Week – Realistic Domain Name Buys 18,001 USD 2019-05-11 GoDaddy

  • Realistic price for a strong .com company name. 3,311 USD 2019-05-10 DropCatch

  • A good brand for any kind of tour company. Brandable and memorable. The name coveys the service as well as your expected experience. Nice purchase. 2,800 USD 2019-05-12 GoDaddy

  • A fair price for a descriptive and easy to monetize .com domain name.

Heals of the Week – Worst Domain Name Buys 50,000 USD 2019-05-13 DigitalStrategies.Marketing

  • has some branding potential and “could” be made into a decent brand, but with the obvious spelling error and inability to pass the radio test, we would have passed on this one. The fact that they paid $50k makes it a real heal. 3,551 USD 2019-05-10 GoDaddy

  • One of our least liked sales of the week has to be We know $3.5 k isn’t a lot of money to some people, but it strikes us as a particular poor purchase for a three word .net with a 2 for one of the words. How this name will get monetized is also a bit of a mystery. 12,000 USD 2019-05-13 Sedo

  • Another heal of the week has to be sold through Sedo. While the name isn’t vehemently terrible and it is relatively short, it is on a new gtld and they did pay 12 grand for fouru, I mean 4you, I mean foru …. well, I think you know what I mean.

Deals of the Week – Great Domain Name Buys 100 USD 2019-05-16 GoDaddy

  • With the money being spent in the pet industry, we would have expected this name to sell for 10x to 100x that it sold for. Someone caught a great deal for the retail or service or entertainment segments of the pet industry. 103 USD 2019-05-15 GoDaddy

  • Lots and lots and lots of money has been made by lead generation companies on the internet. Why not select a brand that also describes your product for $103?

Domain Name Sales Review – May 10, 2019

Steals Of The Week – Best Domain Name Buys 313 USD 2019-05-03 GoDaddy

  • This is without a doubt our favorite buy of the week. A terrific brand and a fantastic price. Who says you can’t get great inexpensive domain names anymore? The fact that was sold by GoDaddy is icing on the cake!

Reals of the Week – Realistic Domain Name Buys 10,000 USD 2019-05-05 BQDN

  • Pretty good name and a fair price. Memorable, pronounceable and a 5 letter .com! 8,020 USD 2019-05-06 NameJet

  • is a great example of a multiuse name in the health and fitness niche. Looking for a health club name? How about a line of fitness clothing? With any use, its a sold name and very fair price.

Heals of the Week – Worst Domain Name Buys 16,550 USD 2019-05-09 GoDaddy

  • Really? I’m sure this domain was purchased by someone either excited by the enormous search volume or incapable of spelling correctly. It doesn’t really matter as they will soon be very busy defending their copyright infringement lawsuit and figuring out how to recover that 16 grand.

Deals of the Week – Great Domain Name Buys 338 USD 2019-05-05 GoDaddy

  • Looking for online loans? For less than $350, can’t be beat. 270 USD 2019-05-04 Dynadot

  • Great multi-use name, very memorable and a steal at $270 223 USD 2019-05-07 GoDaddy

  • Yeah baby the branding possibilities are endless! 207 USD 2019-05-06 GoDaddy

  • Resorts are always solid domain name brands. This perfectly describes what you are selling and does it for $207! 211 USD 2019-05-09 GoDaddy

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