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DollarsWorth.com   $10,000,000 USD

We are selling (or leasing) the incredible brandable domain name DOLLARSWORTH.COM. It is a 2 word, memorable .com domain name that perfectly describes the brand, function and value proposition.

DOLLARSWORTH.COM is a UNIQUE and ONE-OF-A-KIND brand. It implies a statement of "VALUE" in the name. Every customer instantly recognizes what "getting your DOLLAR'S WORTH" means and how it relates to the business that is lucky enough to own this domain name.

DOLLARSWORTH.COM provides a value statement without mentioning pricing, so it does not limit a business to a $1 or $10 or $100 product. The customer simply knows that whatever the price, they will receive VALUE at DOLLARSWORTH.COM.

It is a short, extremely memorable name that will drive huge volumes of customers to your website, app, or brick and mortar locations.

Target markets for DOLLARSWORTH.COM are RETAIL or INVESTMENT related businesses such as dollar stores, dollar clubs, retail outlets, bulk discount stores, clothing stores, jewelry, cosmetics, Investment Advisors, Brokerage Firms, Financial Advisors and more!

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