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Marijuana.li   $4,750 USD

Marijuana.li is for sale or lease. It is a single word, memorable .li domain name perfect for promoting marijuana as a product or for a website, app or store.

Marijuana.li is a short, very memorable "product" name that is sure to bring a large monthly volume of customers to your website or app or business. Think about "Marijuana Life" or "Marijuana Lifestyle" and Marijuana.li comes to mind.

Additionally, these Marijuana Related domains are also for sale or lease.

Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match - marijuana
Monthly Searches: 16,592,000
Cost Per Click: $1.58 USD
Ad Competition: low

Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match - [marijuana]
Monthly Searches: 367,220
Cost Per Click: $0.10 USD USD
Ad Competition: low

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